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Description:   A wiki program developed to run on Progress Software Corporation's OpenEdge development platform.

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More Wiki in a jar "More Wiki in a Jar" is a small Wiki written in Java with great focus on simplicity and a full Wiki formatting syntax. It is intended to run on a USB stick. It is a improved version of "Wiki in a jar" by rico_g.

WS-Exec WS-Exec is intended to be integrated in a WebSite related to WebServices and which wants to give users the possibility to test the provided WebServices via a generated HTML-form.

WS-Security Wrapper WS-Security Wrapper is an adapter between XML applications and SOAP Web services implementing WS-Security. It handles all aspects of SOAP/WS-Security encoding and decoding so that the application can work directly with the XML message content.

Web Community Wiki The Web Community Wiki aims to create a base for informations, using mediawiki and the semantic mediawiki extension. The project works on templates for the wiki and on skins and extensions to enhance the useability of the Web Community Wiki.

WiKissMe wiki content management system WiKissMe is a wiki content management system that stores its data in flat text file. It is written in PHP 5. It has flexible plugins and modules architecture featuring blog, comments, captcha and others. Supports themes with templates as well.

Wiki .NET A set of libraries and programs to access MediaWiki based websites' data through the MediaWiki API. Also includes visual tools to aid editing wiki-markup pages. Created using the .Net framework and C# API for connecting to and fetching data from MediaWiki based sitesGUI tools for ...

Wiki C# .Net This is a C# .Net application that allow to have a wiki-like knowledge base. It creates text files for each new pages. Wiki-like desktop applicationSave to text filesSupport for Windows Mobile

Wiki on a Stick in italiano Questo progetto ha l'obbiettivo di tradurre Wiki on a Stick in italiano *Cercasi aiutanti per tradurre questo software! Contattatemi all'e-mail <>* A? Serverless cioA? non ha bisogno di essere installato su un server webil software A? un file HTML che si modifica da soloessendo un ...

Wiki-Aid Wiki-Aid is for the editors of Wikipedia who want to help revert vandalism without having lots of page edits already. Therefore it is less powerful than current tools but requires no editing of your monobook.js!

wiki to man This project provide scripts for automatically generating man pages from wiki web based sources. So it consists with scripts which download wiki source files from wiki web server, convert it from wiki to roff format end then make archive of man pages.

WMEforWEB WMEforWEB is Cold Fusion code that employs the use of the Windows Media Encoder com object to convert any type of video into Windows Media streaming video content.

WTF-X WTF-X is a Mac OS X programm to translate common Internet acronyms. It's a port of BSD's commandline tool wtf, but unlike this tool it's running as a service in OS X and also offers a GUI to browse through all the acronyms and add ...

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